Available courses

Module 1: Mediation Advocacy & expertise 

ADR Methods, different types and benefits of Mediation 

Mediation Process and the Mediator's Role and orientation 

Communication, Negotiation, & Conflict Resolution Skills for Mediation - in Different Contexts

Mediation techniques and strategies 

Mediation ethics

Module 2: International Commercial Mediation

The unique challenges and opportunities 

Commercial and Business law 

UNCITRAL model law and SMC

Applicable laws and institutional mediation rules.

Module 3: Court-annexed Mediation Module 

Module 4: Mediation in Investment

The specific issues, Laws and regulations of investment 

The role of investment treaties in mediation 

Case studies of successful investment mediations

Module 5: Mediation in Arbitration

The relationship between arbitration and mediation 

Evolving landscape and law reform, rules, code or protocol, standard guidelines of Arbitration and Mediation 

Case studies of successful mediation-arbitration hybrid processes in the context of different disputes

Module 6: Contract Law

Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, legal intention to enter into an agreement 

Breach of contract and damages 

Contractual remedies for breach of contract

Legal remedies for breach of contract

Module 7: Construction Law

Allow for Mediation under the Construction law Other types of Alternative dispute resolution The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Russian v Ukraine and Conflict in Gaza on construction projects.

Module 8: Standard form of Contracts

Boiler plate clauses - Force majeure and exceptional conditions 

Standard form of construction contract - general conditions - Escalation & termination 

FIDIC, JCT &NEC - Clauses related to Price Escalation & termination 

Standard form of contract - Special conditions on Claims & dispute clauses, Delay damages, termination, Deceleration, concurrent delay

Module 9: Role of Mediation to avoid and/or Resolve Construction disputes through Mediation

The unique challenges and opportunities of construction mediation 

The key principles of Construction law Mediation in complex construction claims & disputes

Mediation in complex construction claims & disputes.

Module 10: Project / Deal Mediation

Introduction to Project / Deal Mediation The Project / Deal Mediation Process Case studies of successful commercial mediations Common project / deal disputes Case studies of successful project / deal mediations Ethics in project / deal mediation